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With our focus on the application and processes of welding, we do it all! We offer anything from MIG, to TIG, to Certified Structural Stick Welding. Whether it be steel, aluminum, or stainless steel, Kava Fabrication has the latest machinery and tools that will get the job done!

On-Site Welding Services

We have a fully stocked, custom-built service truck to complete all welding projects. This service truck and crew will travel up to a 100-mile radius. Anything we can do in our shop we can take with us to complete projects on-site!

CAD Drafting & Designing

At Kava Fabrication, we are a custom fabrication shop that guarantees carefully crafted drafting and designing through professional software. Our software includes IronCAD 3D, BricsCAD 2D, and Keycreator 2D drafting. Our experienced welders will leave you satisfied with the completed project.

Plasma Cutting

Kava Fabrication uses advanced software to program precise plasma cutting. With high-definition plasma cutting, we can cut sheet and plate steel (from 20 gauge – 2½”) up to 8’ x 20’ sheets, we can cut steel, aluminum, AR, and stainless steel.


At Kava Fabrication, we use a manual Mill and Lathe to support up to 22” in diameter and 100” shafts. Our Machinists use these processes to turn, or machine down materials down to the thousandth of an inch.

Brake Press

We offer customers a 320-ton brake press up to 14’. At Kava Fabrication, we use this tool to bend, and shape flat sheet material for complex parts and structures.


We have an auto feed saw to cut up to 18” x 18” materials. Whether it be steel, aluminum, or stainless steel, our fabricators at Kava Fabrication will help you cut your materials with the right tools to keep you moving forward with projects.


Kava Fabrication uses a 12’ shear that cuts up to 3⁄8“ of sheet material. This process trims and removes unnecessary material from sheet metal. Our experienced fabricators are sure to focus on precision and technique to properly shape material.



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